SCVAS Learn: Waterfowl (Parts 1, 2, 3)

Monday, January 24, 2022
07:00 PM - 08:30 PM

From Swans to Geese to Ducks, the ancient order of Anseriformes has long fascinated humans, even to the point of appearing in early cave paintings, and reinforcing their importance to early humans. Fortunately they are the easiest birds to observe, especially in winter, making December — March the perfect time to fully appreciate these iconic birds. From coastal bays to inland lakes and flooded farmlands they can be found by the hundreds or even thousands, providing birders ample opportunity to enjoy their enormous variety of colors, shapes, and behaviors. In this three-session online class, Matthew Dodder will discuss the taxonomy, diet and identification of the 35 species that occur in Santa Clara County with numerous comparison images. Special attention will be given to some of the rare and more difficult to identify species as well as hybrids.

Waterfowl-focused field trips will be offered for registrants to sign up in the first class session.

January 10 Part 1: Taxonomy, Morphology, and Behavior

January 17 Part 2: Divers, Dabblers, and Domestic

January 24 Part 3: Difficult identifications

Admission is $75 plus processing fees for SCVAS members, and $100 plus processing fees for non-members. This covers all three sessions. Participants will be sent a meeting link with their ticket following registration. Class link is provided in the purchasers ticket under "Message From The Organizer". The link will also be sent out the day of each class, within an hour before the start of class.

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