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SCVAS Learn: Raptors (Parts 1,2, and 3)

Monday, August 15, 2022

07:00 PM - 08:30 PM



Birds of Prey are among the most evocative and recognizable birds in the world. From national flags to corporate identities, they can be found everywhere and invariably communicate strength and confidence. Yet, within this great collection of predators there are just as many differences as there are similarities—leading one to wonder, how do we tell them all apart. This 3-part class led by Matthew Dodder, will explore that question with a deep dive into the 22 species that have been found in Santa Clara County from the tiny American Kestrel to the colossal and critical endangered California Condor. Special attention will be paid to difficult-to-identify pairs such as our two Accipiters, immature Eagles, and dark morph Buteos. Our normal schedule SCVAS field trips will provide many opportunities to view the species covered in this class and recommendations of where else to look for these wonderful birds will be discussed. Classes are recorded for participants to review.

August 15 Part 1: Red in Beak and Claw

August 22 Part 2: Time and Place

August 29 Part 3: Peregrinations

Admission is $75 plus processing fees for SCVAS members, and $100 plus processing fees for non-members. This covers all three sessions. Participants will be sent a meeting link with their ticket following registration. Class link is provided in the purchasers ticket under "Message From The Organizer". The link will also be sent out the day of each class, within an hour of the start of class.

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